Software helps deliver a simply stellar service

August 11, 2016


Visiting Sacha Scott’s website it’s immediately apparent that Sacha and Scott Martin are passionately focussed on their customers’ buying and selling journey and the satisfaction of a job well done.

Words such as ‘cherished’, slightly unusual language for an estate agency, are prevalent across their website. We were keen to find out just what cherished meant to them; Sacha told us: “We cherish our clients to the point that we hold their hand through all of their ups and downs. I am often told by solicitors that other agents send them a memorandum of sale and then next time they hear from them is to collect their commission fee. We would be mortified if anyone held a view on us like that. Every single one of our sellers, landlords, tenants and buyers mean the world to us, we feel honoured to be a part of their next move”.

The Sacha Scott estate and lettings agency has a strong business vision: They aim to always deliver on promises, gain a fantastic reputation and benefit from word of mouth referrals. Sacha told us that their recently acquired Expert Agent software helps both partners to stay in control of their business and achieve their vision: “We are able to organise ourselves and our work load in a manner that lets us keep a proper track of our obligations and deliver on our promises. In doing this we gain a fantastic reputation and benefit from the word of mouth referrals that follow a great customer experience”.

Sacha told us that being able to synchronise her Expert Agent diary to Outlook has been incredibly helpful when managing day-to-day tasks.  Sacha also pointed out that the rent processing feature and the easy-to-input layouts make a massive difference to her office efficiency. She tells us: “I have been using property management systems for over 20 years and this is by far the easiest and friendliest to use and set up”.



Admittedly we were fascinated by Sacha Scott’s hand-held approach and wondered out loud where the business model had originated. Sacha told us it stemmed from their own experience as buyers and sellers: “When we bought and sold 9 years ago we were pretty much left to it from the moment we went under offer. No sales progression, no real help from agents and when it came to paying our bill we resented it. As a result when we set this business up we knew what people wanted from us; round the clock care and to earn our fee. So we do. Our clients have our email and mobile phone numbers and they contact us when they are stuck, scared or confused and we take pleasure in guiding them through their worries and straightening things out for them. We get referrals on the back of our service to clients – good news travels well!”

It is clear that this duo are driven by a shared passion to give their very best, we wanted to know what motivates Sacha and Scott to get up every day hellbent on giving a stellar service. Sacha shared that the satisfaction she and Scott get from seeing a transaction complete with happy clients is what motivates them: “It really is such a buzz to help people get their move right. We are particularly proud of our reputation for going the extra mile”.

“We have managed everything from arranging necessary works, phone calls and appointments to getting a Completion Certificate issued to refurbishing flats at cost price for our landlords”, Sacha tells us, “all of which we know our competitors would charge through the nose for.  We are honest to the core and our clients seem to be learning that within moments of knowing us which is so special and lovely!”

Thank you for your time Sacha, if your customers feel half as important as you made us feel, they’re going to be singing your praises forever more!