It’s important to ensure that both new and existing customers are completely comfortable using Expert Agent, and know the quickest and most efficient processes.

For this reason, all of our live online training is free and unlimited. We update our courses regularly, so existing business can re-visit them to brush up and learn about new features as well as new customers using them to get up to speed with their new technology.

“Perfectly explained and demonstrated…I believe this is the best way to train.”

“Extremely well organised, meticulously executed and easy to follow.”

“I felt the training was excellent and there is no need to change it in the slightest. Very helpful!”


In a recent survey, 96% of participants said they would recommend the online training over other methods. There’s no need to travel long distances and block whole days out of your diary – simply book your sessions, take part from your desk, ask questions as and when you need to and then as soon as the training is finished you can continue with your day, your new knowledge fresh in your mind.

We run online courses every week, with additional training videos available covering other aspects of the system. We are happy to run additional courses and create additional videos and resources whenever there is the need to do so – so let us know if you have any ideas!

In addition to the online training, we do train customers onsite as and when needed. You can discuss your requirements with our account management team who will work out the best way of meeting your needs and arrange this for you.

“An alien could have followed it!”

“The order of the content and the manner with which it was delivered were ideal.”

“Very good way of showing people around a system, easy to follow and a friendly helpful trainer!”