Key Member Benefits

One ProductManage everything from one system

“Expert Agent is a vital tool for our business, integrating different agency activities into one easy to use program.”

With a system suitable for sales, lettings, property management and lettings accounts all in one, you’ll be able to save money and improve your workflows by moving to Expert Agent.

Staff only have to learn one system meaning people can multi-task and work together more easily – and with everything in one place, room for error is dramatically reduced!

The sales side of the system was developed by former sales agents, and the lettings side by former lettings agents and chartered accountants – so you’ll find that everything you need is included and all processes are intuitive.

Touch FriendlyTouch Screen Friendly

Our latest release sees Expert Agent and our offerings such as websites become more responsive and touch-screen device friendly than ever before – which is important with more and more of us working on the move.

This not only greatly enhances your user experience but saves you money – there’s no need to buy and maintain multiple versions of your website, and no need for you to be stuck in the office working when you could be out and about with access via your smart device to do the things you need to whenever you have a spare few minutes.

Have it your wayHave it your way

We have such a range of customers to cater for, and our technology is highly configurable to ensure that each and every business, no matter how individual, can use the system exactly as they would like to.

Our team will help you configure your system during a 1-2-1 review to make sure you get it exactly right.

Choose your departments, set up questions to ask new applicants, vendors, landlords, set up data fields for your property records, design your own outputs and much much more. You can do as much or as little configuration as you like – we have default settings for those businesses who don’t feel they need the same level of personalisation as others.

For larger businesses we have a number of ways of sharing information between offices – catering for every possible scenario based on ownership, commission splits and so on.

Stay in the forefront of mindsStay in the forefront of everybody’s minds

“An invaluable marketing tool.”

With so many configurable outputs for your vendors, landlords and applicants, it’s easy to keep in touch with everybody that matters. Many outputs are automatic, so you don’t even need to press send!

You can personalise your outputs and/or have them styled, too, to ensure that you stand out from your competition.

Have your sayHave your say

“One thing I find brilliant about Expert Agent is their willingness to improve the product. Constantly listening to customer’s needs.”

Our enhancement system allows any of our members to suggest features they’d like to see added to Expert Agent, We have 5 developers working full-time on big exciting development projects as well as these enhancements, and we have regular releases that will include as many as possible.

This means that you can influence the way the product is developed and have features added that you feel will benefit you – on top of enjoying all of the brilliant functionality that Expert Agent already has.

What’s more, prior to every release we have a ‘testing period’ when customers can try out the new features and provide feedback allowing us to tweak things further if necessary – another opportunity for you to be directly involved in how the product develops.

Regular UpdatesBenefit from regular upgrades

All of our software upgrades are included as part of the package, and are made available to you instantly without the need to download new versions of the system. Another benefit of being cloud based!

As mentioned above the upgrades always include a mixture of smaller enhancement requests and exciting new features – further improving your user experience all of the time!

Part of a communityBecome part of a community

We encourage our members to support each other and work together wherever possible. Our User’s Group on LinkedIn provides a forum where members can come together and discuss their ideas, and our unique valuation referral system even allows you to refer valuations to each other. Any time you speak with somebody who is looking to move to your area but who has a property to sell elsewhere, simply pass their details to another Expert Agent member and not only do you end up with a proceedable applicant but you get a share of the commission – win win!

We’re also keen to bring more of our members together at next year’s ESTAS awards. We’re encouraging agents to enter to win an award – we’ve won our Gold Supplier of the Year award there for the last two year’s running, and the benefit to our business has been huge. For more information on how it works and entering, see our Awards page.

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