Maintaining high standards is easy with Expert Agent software

June 14, 2016

Linda Booth is the wonderfully approachable and charming owner of The Property Booth Ltd, a lettings agency based in the village of Fernwood, Nottinghamshire.

Linda has recently invested in Expert Agent software to help manage The Property Booth’s lettings portfolio. We recently enjoyed an opportunity to have a lovely chat with Linda about her experiences and the positive impacts of the software on her business.

When asked which features she’d found most helpful, Linda told us that the tasks feature had streamlined her planning and given her absolute confidence that she can live up to her proud reputation to do what she says she’ll do, when she says she’ll do it. Linda told us this means she’s more relaxed knowing that she’ll fulfil her promises to her clients.

The tasks feature has also been key in simplifying The Property Booth’s inspection schedule; “we pride ourselves on inspecting each property on a three month cycle”, Linda told us, “Expert Agent alerts us 2 weeks in advance of an inspection, we add these to the diary, upload the reports when the inspection is complete and then the next inspection is scheduled three months into the future. It saves us from inadvertently dropping the ball.” Linda also commented on the ability to assign tasks to team members; “we use this to communicate with each other and stay on top of all the tasks we need to complete, even when we’re both out of the office on viewings, valuations, inspections or client meetings”.

Right Where You Need Us! is The Property Booth’s motto.  Along with reflecting that the company is perfectly placed to serve villages around the Fernwood and Balderton areas, the motto also refers to Linda’s dedication to being accessible to her clients at all times. Although she usually has her MacBook with her, Linda has started to use some of the features of Expert Agent Mobile on her Smartphone too.

Linda was keen to tell us how the built-in finance feature has relieved her of a lot of pressure. No longer does she have to create lengthy, intricate spreadsheets or implement separate processes, instead she now simply inputs the details into the Expert Agent software which then calculates costs, payments and due dates for her. “I put all the information in and then just do as I’m told!”, Linda laughs, “it’s a simple case of following the steps and the software does all the working out for you”.

Linda spent 25 years in the commercial sector before embarking on her more recent career as a lettings agent. Linda will be celebrating The Property Booth’s first anniversary in July and as a relatively new property specialist, it is important to her that she gets things right first time. Linda told us that the finance feature of Expert Agent software completely takes the stress out of dealing with other peoples’ money and helps her easily adhere to the strict principles she learned on her NFoPP Technical Award in Residential Letting & Property Management course.

Thank you Linda. Welcome to the Expert Agent family and may we take this opportunity to wish you a very happy first anniversary on July 1st.

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