Testimonials – Early 2014

March 1, 2014

We are thrilled with the testimonials we’ve received so far this year from our customers complimenting our support team, training, account management, making the transition from another product, our frequent feature releases – from a complete mixture of new agents, to businesses who have been running for many years and have used many software packages. They all think we are the best! Have a look at these comments to see exactly why agents love using Expert Agent so much…

“A very helpful company. Great products.”

“I find the product a very easy and informative tool for the line of business we are, would recommend this product to other business.”

“Best company ever for estate agent solutions.”

“Brilliant system, I couldn’t work without it!!!”

“Having used 4 software suppliers previously, Expert Agent are streets ahead of the competition with product, innovation and support.”

“We would not be doing business if it weren’t for EA. They are quick, efficient, friendly and patient.”

“Anytime I have needed assistance from the support team, the response has been very fast. Even when I have placed a low priority on the issue.”

“I have used Expert Agent for over ten years, I have seen the company grow and adapt their website by utilising suggestions from us agents!”

“Excellent product and service, willing to listen to suggestions to improve their product package, recommend highly.”

“The ease of use with there system has allowed us to concentrate on selling our properties and allows them to be on the market very quickly.”

“Very good service, good client service and very low rate of outage”

“Little to say, they are simply the best at what they do.”

“Excellent service all the time.”

“One thing I find brilliant about expert agent is there willingness to improve their product. Constantly listening to customers needs.”

“The ease of use of this software has been a great benefit to us. If something needs tweaking they are most accommodating.”

“Expert Agent are a true asset to our business and are always advancing their systems and improving on what they can do for us.”

“Great systems easy to use, very helpful and friendly staff”

“Setting up with expert agent was very easy. The step by step training was superb and easy to follow. Highly recommended.”

“Very happy with this service! Excellent software and the team are always happy to help!”

“Expert Agent has been great for my business in making us more efficient with marketing, record keeping and applicant contact.”

“With Expert Agent all our required information are now at our fingertips.”

“Expert Agent is essential to our business.”

“I always have fast and friendly service from the Expert Agent team. They are very open to listening to innovative suggestions put forward.”

“Really great work from this team. Very friendly, knowledgeable & helpful staff & the software is easy to use & invaluable to our work.”

“Expert Agent staff are very helpful and quick to respond when needed. The system itself is efficient and fairly easy to navigate around.”

“Having now used Expert agent for over seven years I would find it very difficult to switch to a supplier who could offer the same service.”

“One of the best pieces of software I have used and help is excellent.”

“Best database in the country bar none! Good work and Good luck!”

“Expert Agent is simple, easy to use, fast, convenient and great value for money.”

“I have nothing but praise for EA, they are forward thinking and they have saved me thousands.”

“Expert Agent have been friendly helpful and constructive from initial enquiry, to date. The back up has been fantastic, very supportive.”

“The support team are exemplary, with quick response in layman’s terms when discussing potential issues.”

“Expert Agent is a crucial and valued component of our business which undoubtedly offers more features than we actually use.”

“So pleased we swapped, don’t think we could operate to the same high standard of service without them.”

“Expert Agent is a vital tool for our business, integrating different agency activities into one easy to use program.”

“Expert Agent are always responsive and helpful, dealing with issues quickly as they arise.”

“Expert Agent has allowed our lettings department to almost double in size.”

“Very happy with Expert Agent, we have the tools to operate our business to the high level we expect.”

“When i use expert agent its brilliant. But seriously expert agent is simple easy to use and gets the job done.”

“Great product – comprehensive, flexible and easy to use.”

“I would recommend Expert Agent as I feel the service provided is excellent and they are continually improving and expanding the product.”

“Big improvement on our previous system, only been using for a few months so still a lot to learn but I can already see the benefits.”

“Support team extremely patient and helpful!”

“At all times Expert Agent are friendly, professional and above all else efficient. They resolve problems quickly & very helpful.”

“Reliable, efficient and user friendly. A rare review of IT systems!”

“Excellent product backed up buy great support from knowledgeable staff.”

“Fantastic company with great support!”

“Excellent service, problems rectified very quickly”

“Everything works very well, any issues or tips they discuss them and ensure the system is optimised to suit our individual needs”

“On the rare occasion I have required support they have responded quickly to rectify the fault or assisted to lead me.”

“Customer service very good easy to use and adapts to needs of the business”

“Expert Agent has made my job easier, quicker, more effective and organised. I don’t missed my contact cards in the slightest!”

“An invaluable marketing tool.”

“I have known Mike Griffiths and members of his team from Expert Agent for over 20yrs – Exemplary quality service I use and can recommend!”

“Excellent on-going training facilities, easy to use systems and excellent help with statutory regulations through automatic prompts.”

“I first used Expert Agent in 2006 and have been continually impressed by there service standards and dedication.”

“Excellent backup and response to enquiries”

“Expert Agent is a fantastic online software platform that has enabled us to develop our estate agency business.”

“Expert Agent have helped us from day 1 of starting up our business and continued through with their support keenly and efficiently.”

“As a start up business I am been very pleased with the help, advice, training and most of all patience, from Expert Agent in setting up.”

“We think Expert Agent offers fantastic value, and remains the best back solution for our business”

“A great, forward thinking company that is always looking to develop the product to further improve the already excellent service.”

“BIG Thank You for all your outstanding services. Expert Agent is simply brilliant…”

“Fantastic service, when problems arise they notify us and get the problems fixed within an hour. Accredit to the real estate industry.”

“This company always give great service, and never lets me down!”

“We are very pleased to have used Expert Agents fantastic software for a number of years now and their service is superb”

“Excellent service and great knowledge of their product, with new ideas and innovations that suit our business needs.”

“We have been using Expert Agent for many years; we have found their expertise and support imperative for our business over the years”


“Great company. Very helpful staff”

“Expert Agent has helped bring our business into the 21st century improved our efficiency and made communication with customers easier”

“The staff from Expert Agent are so helpful and are easily accessible. (even to someone like me!!!!). Best move we ever made moving to EA”

“Excellent customer service. Especially for our company which is France based and works differently from most of the Expert Agent clients.”

“The whole team are great, any queries/problems they deal with immediately and not with computer jargon”

“This is a fantastic system which is evolving all the time. Our lives as Estate Agents has been made so much easier with Expert agent.”

“An excellent supplier and one who is continuously working on keeping the product up to date and looking to improve its functionality.”


“Expert Agent software is the best on the market today, the staff at Expert Agent have become ‘friends’ and support us extremely well.”

“As a new business Expert Agent has been an integral part of our business. Cost effective and extremely detailed training materials.”

“They always respond quickly and effectively whenever I have a problem. I would always recommend them.”

“The best thing we ever did was to register to use Expert Agent!!!!!!”

“Really good easy to use value for money system, looks very professional, very happy customers.”

“Excellent software, Excellent innovation and Excellent support team.”

“I think expert agent is the best agency software on the market, easier, simple more advanced than the rest. Defiantly recommend to anyone.”

“Expert Agent are a pleasure to work with, effective, easy to use and comprehensive.”


“Impressive. Willing to help at all times if necessary. Neil is exceptionally helpful. Pleased we chose expert agent for our business.”

“Expert Agent are a forward thinking company that help us embrace the latest in Estate Agent technology.”


“Expert agent is well thought out and an efficient system to use.”


“As a member of staff I am confident EA will get back to me immediately and discuss any problems by phone , great training videos”

“A truly innovative company who are prepared to ‘go the extra mile’ to gain (and retain) your business. Couldn’t work without them now!”

“I would not hesitate to recommend Expert Agent. The system is excellent and the service we receive is always of the highest standard.”

“We have been using Expert Agent for 9 years and have always felt that the product improves as technology improves and we have always felt”

“The communication and on-going support from Expert Agent is second to none and this is allied to a product that is exactly what we need.”

“There are little hickups with the system but Expert Agent do try and address these quickly once raised.”

“Expert Agent has been created by a person who knows and understands your business needs first hand. You won’t go wrong by becoming a Member.”

“I have used Expert Agent since 2007 and it has been a pleasure in dealing with Mike Griffith’s Team, their software is very easy to use.”

“Expert Agent. Great product that keeps up with new demands. Highly recommended.”

“Very well managed and most efficient, could not manage the daily running of the business without the use of the Expert Agent.”

“Expert Agent is a great tool to organize and maximize your business. My agency has utilized Expert Agent for few years and benefited form it”

“Innovative, easy to use, great customer service, forward thinking, listens to advice and recommendations. What more is there to say!!”

“Simply Fantastic”

“Overall, very impressed on both style and execution.”

“We are VERY pleased”

“A fantastic product from a team who clearly know about Estate Agency and what the job entails.”

“Expert Agent have transformed my business, in short I would recommend them to anyone in our business”

“Expert Agent is in an incredibly good company. I have no doubt that without their systems and support we would not be where we are today.”

“Not a single complaint about Expert Agent… stable system, fantastic free training, regular system enhancements & they listen to our needs.”

“Excellent supplier, 10/10 always helpful, polite, professional and overall fantastic. Big repeat to Mike!!! Best of luck and hope you win!”

“Constantly strive to improve there product and are continually developing upgrades to ensure that there customers get the best from the product”

“Very pleased with the product, the updates and upgrades and the continued support the staff offer.”

“The Expert Agent team have always been helpful and provide a great service.”

“Grows with us, are prepared to develop new features and functions with us as well as constantly evolving their own platform.”

“We have worked very closely with expert agent and they have become an integrated and trustworthy part of our business – Thank You”