Training and support

Getting you started…

Barbara Bennett, training manager:

Expert Agent is very easy to navigate around. You’ll pick it up in 10 minutes. Once you understand dashboards, grids, forms, right-clicks and toolbars you can drive Expert Agent pretty well, but to really get the most from it, we recommend one of these training options:

1. FREE weekly live online training

Over 85% of our training is done this way, and 94% of participants would recommend it over other methods. You sit at your own desk and take part like you were in the room with us. There’s 2-way sound so you can ask questions(you’ll either need a headset (£5-10 on Amazon) or else ring a London number), there are practicals and you finish with a test which, if you pass, results in a certificate. Courses include:
Introductory training

  • Getting started
  • Working with applicants
  • Working with properties
  • Appointments, diaries, viewings.

Lettings training

  • Lettings conversion (aimed at established expert agent customers)
  • Lettings introduction & structure
  • Lettings work-flow.

Continuation training

for advanced users or those with a very specific role

  • Offers & sales progression
  • EA word processing letters & html reports
  • Using word with expert agent
  • Matching.

Management training

helping managers understand how to get useful information out of expert agent

  • Configuration
  • Management information.

Experienced user refresher

2. FREE recorded video training

Complements the live training, but because you can’t ask questions, is best as a refresher after the live training. You can see some of the videos by clicking here

3. Chargeable On Site Training

We can organise a course at your office, customised to your needs. Very few customers do this these days – particularly once they’ve sampled the live online training. Contact us to discuss if you’re interested.

Help once you’re up and running…

Our support staff

Once you’re up and running, there might be something you need a little help with. Here are the options:

Check the manual

We’re very proud of our documentation. It’s all online and always up to date. It has been written by agents, not techies

Watch the help videos

There’s a growing list of videos which show you step by step how to do simple things – like adding an applicant – to the more advanced stuff like lettings financial.

Watch our training videos on YouTube

Ask our wonderful techies for help

Call us, email us or log a support ticket. Mat, our support team leader, will allocate your request to one of his team who are a mixture of techies, ex-estate agents and even a Chartered Accountant for those thorny lettings accounts issues. They’ll do whatever it takes to get you sorted – including looking at your data (easy with a fully online system) and even dialling into your computers. Mat reviews the work they’ve done and sends you a written report.

Do some more live online training

You are welcome to do our live online training sessions as often as you want. Many customers make them a part of new staff induction - give them Monday getting used to the coffee machine and copier then straight into our Expert Agent  introductory sessions on a Tuesday morning!



Expert view...

Amy Explains

Amy Walker, implementation manager:

“Hello. It’s our job to help you get up and running with Expert Agent and we’ll do our utmost to make sure that it’s as smooth as possible.

When you first log-in to Expert Agent you’ll see your Implementation Planner, which guides you through the steps you need to take, and lets you set your own deadlines for completing each one.

Within half a day you’ll be an Expert Agent expert!

And from our clients...

“The start-up is easy and the online training programmes are excellent”
Stephanie Macnab, Stephanie Macnab Estate Agents 

“The training and support are excellent”
Garry Hone, Advancing Property

“On-line training facility is brilliant as the staff don't have to travel anywhere. Very user friendly”
Louise Burrows, Charles Faye Estate Agents