Stuff you wouldn’t expect…

As well as everything you’d expect from modern software, here are some things you wouldn’t…

Get local valuation referrals

Our Potential Valuation Alert (PVA) is a unique and clever scheme which means you get to hear about people thinking about selling in your area before they’ve instructed anyone. Read more…

Connect multiple branches seamlessly

One of the beauties of it all being online is that there’s no syncing data between offices to get the latest information – nor any expensive servers or connections to buy or maintain. Just decide what data you want visible to which negs in which branch and it all happens instantly.

Save time handling applicants

When an applicant registers on your website or on Rightmove, their details automatically populate your applicant list on Expert Agent and they get your ‘welcome’ email with a list of suitable properties. With this and every email you send them, they can update their details or requirements and even request viewing appointments – and you’re alerted the moment they do so.

Evaluate team performance

See the facts, not the excuses! With Expert Agent you can see up-to-the minute reports showing how your staff members and branches compare against each other. Plus, we aggregate stats from across our 1500-member-office network, so you can compare your own performance against the average of the other members.

Dashboard to help you focus on your priorities

Each user can configure their dashboard to show what’s important in their job, so they can focus their efforts on their priorities – by displaying their choice of over 90 items, by negotiator, office or group. Examples include:

  • never been matched
  • active applicants that have viewed
  • applicants matched in the last fortnight
  • applicants not contacted in the last fortnight
  • applicants where contract with other agent expires within 7 days
  • applicants with no viewings
  • hot list
  • next contact due today
  • new website registrations

Social media made easy

Expert Agent makes it easy to promote your properties via Facebook and Twitter.Once you’ve opened Facebook and /or Twitter accounts (free to do), posting a property to your Facebook wall, or sending it out to your Twitter followers, can be done in seconds.

Watch the video

“We’ve been posting stuff on Facebook and Twitter for a while now. It’s incredibly easy to do from within Expert Agent, and if your target audience is of that generation, very powerful too.”

Weekly applicant email keeps you front of mind

Expert Agent will send, on your behalf, a weekly email to all ‘active’ applicants reminding them about the properties matching their criteria – helping keep your clients’ properties front of mind.The applicants will also be able to click from there straight to update their requirements, reducing the need to re-key details yourself.

Brilliant information for vendors

  • All the letter and contract templates you need, already set up. Or easily create your own
  • Easily see feedback from each viewing, so you’re prepared when talking to vendors
  • Confirm viewings by email, remind by text. See at a glance which still need confirming
  • Give vendors their own log-in so they can see what viewings they’ve had, and the feedback received.

Expert view...

Ian Explains

Why would I promote via Facebook? Ian Birch, one of our Business Relationship Managers and a former estate agent, explains:

“Like social media or hate it, it’s not going away, as these show:

  • Using social media is now a more popular online activity than email, particularly among younger demographics
    (see article).
  • Sharing a link via Facebook is more popular now than sharing it by email
    (see article).
  • Traffic to Rightmove tripled when they embraced social media
    (see article).

For agents too, therefore, using social media to update applicants with new properties is potentially extremely powerful. Doing so, then allows those people to easily share with their friends what they see, like and click on, thus giving a ‘viral’ boost to your property marketing.

Expert Agent’s social media integration makes this easy. Ask us for a demonstration.